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We are Mountain Crest Boxers…a loving, caring, breeder of the most wonderful, playful, curious, loyal and beautiful breed of dogs in the world…the European Boxer! We live and raise our Boxers on 10 acres in the clean, crisp air of the Northern Rocky Mountains of Montana.

We take great pride in the fact that we are NOT a puppy mill! We find the practice repugnant and encourage anyone interested in purchasing a European Boxer to avoid buying from these types of businesses. We DO NOT sell our Boxers to pet stores or anyone we deem unsuited for the commitment of owning and caring for a Boxer. We are not simply breeding European Boxers as a business, as in truth, as any legitimate breeder will tell you, there are far more profitable businesses than breeding dogs of any breed. The work is often hard, costly, time consuming and emotionally draining and the profits, if any, are minimal by comparison. We breed European Boxers for the love of the breed and to share that love with others who seek to be a part of a Boxers life.

We have owned and raised European Boxers for over 20 years and our Boxers are our family…typically, long after they have been removed from breeding, they continue to live with us and remain part of our family; playing, loving and being loved for the remainder of their days. Though on rare occasions we may deem it in their best interest to find them a new home and family, we strive to avoid doing so whenever possible and if on those rare occasions we do need to rehome one of our Boxers, we do so with great care and concern for their wellbeing, ensuring they are loved and cared for and that we remain a part of their lives. In short, the love, care and attention our European Boxers receive is reflected in the quality of the puppies they produce. We are only interested in selling to those of the same mindset, who will treat their Boxer as a part of their family and do all that is necessary to preserve and protect the breed, the lineage and the Boxer for the length of its life.

We only breed 100% European Boxers, as we have pursued a level of excellence to ensure we obtain, breed and sell only the highest quality of Boxer and the European Boxer meets this high standard. We raise European Boxers out of a strong and deep love and take as much pride in producing a Boxer who is destined for the couch in someone’s home as we do for the Boxer who is destined to be a champion show dog. What we care about most is the quality of the Boxer and the quality of their life they will receive from their new owner.

Therefore, we do reserve the right to refuse to sell our Boxers to anyone, for any reason, if we deem it not in the best interest of the Boxer.

Please review our site and contact us if you have any questions. We can safely and compassionately transport our European Boxer puppies to your home…anywhere in the world!

Thank you for visiting Mountain Crest Boxers!

Marc & Eileen Hatten

Marc & Eileen Hatten and Boxers