About Our Boxers

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All of our Boxers are not only raised with love and affection, but they are also bred from the highest quality lineage and with the highest standards associated with the breed and within the Boxer community. We say “community” as we truly are a community of breeders who strive for quality and continuity within the breed.

Our sires and dams are all health tested and come from champion lines from other European Boxer breeders of the same quality and attention to health and perfection within the breed. All of our European Boxers that we purchase come from lines that also insist on health testing their sires and dams prior to breeding. From heart monitoring to DNA testing, the efforts that are undertaken to ensure the highest quality and health of our Boxer puppies is evident in the lineage, the testing and outcomes of these tests, and in the love and care our Boxers receive, before, during, and after breeding. We can furnish a copy of the purchase agreement/health guarantee to you upon request. All puppies come with a five year health guarantee, up-to-date on all vaccinations and have been well socialized (including using the Rule of Sevens).

We limit the number of litters our dams will have based on their overall health, age, lifestyle, and other factors. Some may have several litters, others may only have one or two. In short, the health and welfare of our Boxers is first and foremost in our minds and in our business, thus we will not breed a Boxer unless we are sure it is healthy, happy, and capable of producing quality puppies.

Though there are some rare exceptions, when our Boxers “retire” from breeding we typically do not re-home them to other owners or breeders. We strive to make our Boxers part of our family for life and allow them to live out their retirement in comfort and love within the sprawling acres of our property here in Montana. If it should ever become necessary for their wellbeing or we feel it is in their best interest to find another home, we do so with great care and consideration, making sure they live out their best lives with their new family and that we remain a part of those remaining years.

We value and are very proud of the champion lines within our Boxers and breed with quality in mind for both show and non-show homes alike. We encourage and support our Boxers being raised and entered into AKC shows or other similar events and welcome those who seek to purchase one of our puppies for these purposes. We take great steps to breed and raise the highest quality of European Boxer available. Accordingly, we also take diligent efforts to ensure that our puppies are going to homes that will not only love and care for them, but will do so with the understanding that a Boxer is not simply a means to winning trophies or titles, but ultimately is, first and foremost, a pet, a friend, a partner, a companion…and member of the family.

If you feel our creed and philosophy regarding Boxers is similar to yours, we welcome you to view our puppies for sale or to inquire with us as to when our next litter will be available.

We do not sell puppies to malls, pet stores, or anyone we deem not a good fit for a European Boxer puppy. We do not, under any circumstance, let our puppies leave for their new homes until they have reached eight (8) weeks of age.


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