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Pet Nanny – In-Cabin Transport Service

Most U.S. airlines no longer offer the ability to transport a puppy in a crate as checked baggage, however most airlines do allow puppies to be transported in-cabin of the airliner as carry-on baggage when accompanied by a passenger, which is how we prefer to transport our puppies, as it’s the easiest, quickest and most economical means of transporting our puppies throughout the country. Our “pet companions” fly as passengers and carry-on your Boxer puppy in the cabin of the plane during the flight in a specially designed soft-sided mesh carrier. We use several very trusted and reliable transporters who take great effort in maintaining a level of excellence with the care and well-being of our puppies! This service is available at costs that are only slightly higher than normal ground or air transportation costs and do require some flexibility, as these transporters often rely on standby seating for flights. This is by far our most convenient and recommended form of transporting our puppies! The cost to fly your puppy in-cabin with our transporter to virtually any major airport in the U.S. is approximately $600 depending upon the transporter, which airline and what in-cabin carry-on fees they charge. We strive to find the most affordable means of transporting your puppy to you and work with several pet transport services to negotiate the best rates and provide the quickest and safest transport of our puppies to their new forever homes.

About Ground Transport

Depending upon the time of year and destination, ground transport of your Boxer puppy is available via specialized carriers who specifically contract to transport domestic animals around the country to and from breeders and their new forever homes. These companies have superior reputations and are regular vendors of the breeding community. We rely on their professionalism and their reliability to safely, securely and comfortably transport your new Boxer puppy to your home. The puppy is fed, watered and walked during the trip and is humanely and lovingly cared for while in transport. We have shipped puppies in the past utilizing this form of transportation, however we strongly encourage buyers to utilize the air transport option, as it allows your puppy to make the journey to their new home and family in a much quicker and more comfortable manner…hours rather than days…and the cost difference is negligible. Transportation costs vary but start at $500 depending upon the carrier, location of delivery, crate, veterinarian travel certificate, etc.

Finally, all our puppies receive a health check by our veterinarian prior to transport and will be given a travel health certificate (if required by the airlines/transporter) to certify they are healthy enough to travel. We will not ship any puppy by ground or air if we feel the puppy’s health or safety will be jeopardized in any way.

So feel at ease in knowing we take all necessary precautions to make certain that even when your new puppy leaves our home for yours, it is handled with the utmost care.   

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