European Imports

Mountain Crest Boxers is proud to import new, high-quality lines into our family of Boxers directly from Europe.

As most of you know it is sometimes difficult and costly to import from Europe while feeling confident that pedigrees and full health testing have been done, as there is little recourse if one ends up with a sick Boxer or a Boxer that cannot be bred due to genetic defects. Yet, it is important to add these amazing imports to the Boxer line in an effort to keep the best of the breed.

Some breeders do have these trusted contacts and continue to import, while many do not. Mountain Crest Boxers has a trusted contact and breeder who is in the heart of Europe and is a quality breeder who we have dealt with for some time now. He raises only the highest quality European Boxers and seeks to find exceptional homes for them. At Mountain Crest Boxers  we share this goal and together have come to an agreement on what health tests must be done before any Boxer is ever shipped to the USA. 

All Sires and Dams have been health tested including echocardiograms and many also have had x-rays of hips and elbows. ARVC & DM can be tested for on any import prior to shipping to the U.S.

Every puppy before being shipped to the USA will also be fully checked by a qualified veterinarian and also have an echocardiogram at or about 11 weeks to rule out any detectable heart defects. This is something our trusted European Boxer breeder has taken upon himself to do to insure that any puppy coming to the U.S. will be a happy and healthy one! All puppies come with pedigrees/registration papers that are fully transferable to be registered with the American Kennel Club or similar organizations.

Due to the high costs and additional steps required of importing Boxers from Europe, Mountain Crest Boxers imports on a limited basis only. Pricing for puppies directly imported or those from a pregnant female Boxer imported prior to delivery of her puppies vary depending upon costs associated with acquiring and safely transporting the female and/or puppies to the U.S. Anyone interested in one of these puppies please email us at

Mountain Crest Boxers reserves the right to refuse to sell to ANYONE if we do not feel it is in the best interest of our European Boxer puppies!